I hope that you like our new website design. Throughout this website you will see many things that make Our Lady of The Most Blessed Sacrament School a special place to learn.  Most of the pictures and information will demonstrate the technological improvements and fantastic learning activities that occurred during the year. This year we have an exciting new math series for K-6, implemented Accelerated Reader, integrated Google Classrooms in our Middle School, and created our Healthy School initiative. Most of the classrooms utilize Smart Boards for instruction, lockers have been installed for the Middle School, and Google Chromebooks with wireless printers are used on a daily basis by the students. These are all exciting changes that demonstrate the school is moving in a positive direction.

Some of the things that you cannot put in a picture, but would make a parent or educator excited, is the level of instruction and classroom environment that our faculty establishes for the students. Our faculty work hard to identify the needs of every student. They work with parents on developing a learning plan to ensure every child is successful.  We are fortunate to have a faculty that is able to establish a classroom environment that fosters both personal knowledge and care for every student.  This level of commitment is what makes Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament School successful.

The common trend that occurs in Catholic Elementary schools is that  some students tend to leave once they advance to the Middle School. This year our school welcomed many new students.  Many of them Middle School!

Please feel free to visit the school to learn how we are making Catholic Education exciting.

Sean Davis, Principal